Our True Power Comes From Choice

We have the freedom of choice. Choice to do the right thing. Choice to act against our best interests.

Does that make us unique?

We make many different choices all of the time, even those of us who are indecisive, which shape the way our day progresses.

Rarely is the choice taken from us. And unlike some other animals we are not driven by instinct. That comes with responsibility. The bigger the decision we are required to make we are faced with more responsibility or consequences.

I bought a house.

The realtor said that the property was selling for 5% over market value, which by the way, in this market is a great thing. Some of the properties that I looked at were going for 25-50% over market value. This wasn’t even the first home I made an offer on, the other, which was smaller, had less to offer in many ways and I even offered 8% more than asking. They had already accepted an offer for 15% going value. The housing market is absolutely crazy right now. I really hope that we aren’t headed toward another bubble.

As I said, we all make choice, it is our freedom, and it comes with responsibilities. I’ve made a fairly large one now. Hopefully it was also a wise one.

P.S. Don’t worry I calculated everything and it was was well thought through.

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Amber Reigh
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