More Times Than Lazarus

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Alright so this site has been resurected more times than Lazarus. If only it would stop dying we wouldn’t have this problem. I had been in the process of moving some files, no I didn’t forget the site, I just sort of … well, neglected it. I also forgot to upload my last site update and well, seriously, years went by.

I feel like it is time to either scratch everything that I have written or well, keep going.

As you can see I am just going to move forward.

Nosi says hi!

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Amber Reigh
Hi, my name is Amber. During the day I am a data analyst for an insurance company at night I am a recreational writer. You've found my blog. How nice. I don't have a specific topic that I write about. I am not a full time foodie, adventure traveler, or fashionista, though I have been known as anyone of those at various points in my life. My writings tend to slant toward geekdom and fan culture I've enjoyed throughout the years.