After the Hiatus

EDIT: I decided to move

Milky has been on hiatus for a while. You may have noticed? Well, that is slowly coming to a close, though not an abrupt halt. I felt like writing today since it has been all too silent on here. Nosi has been bugging me to come back and post an update for some time now. Ironically, now that I am sitting here and typing she feels like it is the perfect time for pets. Which is fine, as I will be honest, I knew that this post had to be made but I wasn’t sure how to write it.

Blathering about the random tidbits that have been going on, or talking about the Vid (you know tha pandemic that is raging all around us) there wasn’t a lot that I felt like writing about.

You all know why I made the site, but this isn’t much better than a status report on FB and company. So today I will try something different. I will play a little game I wrote for you. You know that I am a data analyst. That means, memory is key, and now we can test our memories together.

Below you will find a 3x3 matrix filled with words. Read over the list shortly, maybe 30 seconds or so, then click Next. Now try and fill in the matrix with the correct words. Make sure you spell them correctly. When you are done click “Check” to see your results.

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