That's Life


After the Hiatus

EDIT: I decided to move Milky has been on hiatus for a while. You may have noticed? Well, that is slowly coming to a close, though not an abrupt halt. I felt like writing today since it has been all too silent on here. Nosi has been bugging me to come back and post an update for some time now. Ironically, now that I am sitting here and typing she feels like it is the perfect time for pets.

Small Update

Really small in fact. It is only due to the fact that work has picked back up thanks to the corona vaccine. Had we not got it rolled out as fast as we did I would still be sitting here boring you. Today is just a quick update to let you all know that I am still here. There will be time for a more thoughtful blog later.

Shame or Guilt

What is embarrassment? The act of blaming yourself when things go wrong? Art Markman Ph.D. wrote: “there are two distinct emotions we commonly experience—guilt and shame.” Which one you experience tells something about who you are. Guilt How It’s Defined When you do something wrong, or perceive that you have done so you experience guilt. Shame How It’s Defined When you define shame, you do so by defining yourself as wrong.

What Goes Around

They say that history repeats itself. And I find that particularly fitting analogy since when you look at the macro level you can see many instances of this appearing to hold true. But that is it. Most of the time I feel we fail to look at the micro level, the personal level, which is equally as valid. We often repeat patterns, both good ones and bad, that cultivate our lives.

Our True Power Comes From Choice

We have the freedom of choice. Choice to do the right thing. Choice to act against our best interests. Does that make us unique? We make many different choices all of the time, even those of us who are indecisive, which shape the way our day progresses. Rarely is the choice taken from us. And unlike some other animals we are not driven by instinct. That comes with responsibility. The bigger the decision we are required to make we are faced with more responsibility or consequences.